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Blake A. Baca, CMRP, CRL


BDB Solutions, LLC

Blake graduated from Texas Tech University in 1989 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Upon graduation from Texas Tech, Blake went to work as a mechanical engineer at Alcoa, Inc., Rockdale Operations in Rockdale, Texas. Alcoa Rockdale Operations was an aluminum smelter that made over 2,000,000 pounds of molten aluminum per day.

In 1995, after six years as a Staff Mechanical Engineer at Alcoa Rockdale Operations, Blake moved into Operations as Area Supervisor responsible for the assembly of carbon anodes used in the aluminum smelting process. Blake had full accountability for maintenance and operations in this area including one operations foreman, one maintenance foreman, 17 hourly union production employees, and 8 hourly union craftspeople including mechanics and electricians.

Later that year at Alcoa Rockdale Operations, Blake was promoted to Maintenance, Engineering, and Environmental Area Supervisor responsible for all maintenance, engineering, and operation of environmental control systems in what is called the potrooms, the area of an aluminum smelter where molten aluminum is produced.

Blake held that position until 1999 when he was promoted to Maintenance and Engineering Superintendent at Alcoa, Inc. Tennessee Operations in Alcoa, Tennessee. At Tennessee Operations, Blake was responsible for all maintenance, reliability, and engineering for the entire smelting plant.

In 2001, Blake was promoted to Senior Staff Project Engineer at Alcoa, Inc. Primary Metals Business Unit Office in Knoxville, Tennessee. In that role, Blake served as Project Engineer for Primary Metals growth capital projects as well as reliability coach to the Primary Metals Business Unit.

In 2004, Blake was once again promoted to Maintenance and Engineering Manager at Alcoa, Inc. Rockdale Operations where he had started his career with Alcoa. There he was responsible for all maintenance, reliability, and engineering for the entire plant. Blake held this position until the plant was shut down due to business conditions at the end of 2008.

In 2009 Blake began BDB Solutions, LLC. Since then, Blake, with some of his former Alcoa maintenance and reliability staff, who are employees of BDB Solutions, LLC has been providing coaching services with particular emphasis on Maintenance and Reliability.Those coaching services include Work Management Development, Maintenance Planning and Scheduling education and training, Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), Reliability Engineering, Maintenance Engineering, Equipment Maintenance Plan (EMP) Development, and Preventive/Predictive Maintenance (PM/PdM) Optimization.

From March 2017 to March 2019, Blake was also Maintenance Manager at Barrick Gold Corporation (Goldstrike and Cortez Mines) in Elko, Nevada.

Jason D. Kukla, CMRP, CRL


BDB Solutions, LLC

Jason has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the School of Mines in Rapid City, South Dakota and certifications related to maintenance and reliability leading practices. He has had an opportunity to gain experience in multiple industries including: power generation, mining, refining, corn wet milling and food manufacturing.

Jason grew up on a farm and cattle ranch in North Dakota and developed an early interest in equipment. In 1999, Jason took a job as a maintenance technician for Southwest Water Authority where he maintained raw and potable water systems including pipelines and water treatment facilities.

In late 2000, Jason started working at a pallet manufacturing company while obtaining his degree. Upon graduation from SDSMT, Jason went to work as a project engineer for Tate and Lyle, a corn processing facility in Loudon, TN. After learning the wet milling, refining, ethanol and specialty starch processes Jason migrated to the maintenance department and was later given operations and maintenance responsibilities for steam production and energy management programs as an Area Manager.

In 2006, Jason returned to the Black Hills area as a planning engineer for Black Hills Corporation, a regional power generation utility. In this role Jason planned, scheduled and executed plant turnarounds for multiple power generation facilities. In this role he helped develop a team of engineers which later assumed his strategic asset management (5-10 year CAP/MEP) and turnaround responsibilities.

In 2007 Jason was promoted to O&M Manager and kicked off an initiative to implement work management processes and replace the CMMS and financial/people management systems. Jason was also a key player in the construction, commissioning and startup of 2 coal fired power plants.

In 2008, Jason was promoted to Reliability and Performance Manager where he implemented condition based maintenance and a plant performance program. Plant performance monitoring and tuning was further enhanced with the installation of real time process monitoring software (OSI PI) and development of key performance indicators.

In 2011, Jason transitioned into the world of Food Manufacturing by joining Kellogg as the Senior Maintenance and Reliability Manager. In this role Jason had responsibility for maintenance, reliability and the MRO store room. This included 40+ salaried and hourly union workers.

In late 2013, Jason joined the Georgia Pacific team as a Reliability Leader at a gypsum facility where he was responsible for maintenance, reliability engineering and project engineering. Jason was later promoted to Assistant Plant Manager which added management responsibility for the underground mining operation.

Stephen Srnensky


BDB Solutions, LLC

Stephen was graduated from Taylor High School in May of 1973 and proceeded to attend the University of Texas at Austin in September of the same year. On June 3, 1974, Stephen started his employment at Alcoa’s Rockdale Operations in Rockdale, Texas. Alcoa’s Rockdale Operations was an aluminum smelter that produced over 2,000,000 pounds of aluminum per day.

Stephen worked in numerous job classifications in the smelter production area and was a member of the USWA Local 4895 and served as an officer in the Union for many years.

Stephen was selected to Alcoa’s apprenticeship program and completed his training and was awarded a US Department of Labor certification as an Industrial Electrician.

Stephen also ran a farming operation and was a partner in a commercial and residential lawn irrigation company.

Stephen was promoted to Maintenance Planner/Scheduler in 2001 for the Ingot Casting area. He also was the planner/scheduler for the Rectifier Area, Rodded Carbon Area and Potroom Crane and Crusher areas.

Stephen was then awarded the maintenance supervisor position for the Potroom Cranes and Crusher area where he stayed until his retirement after more than 32 years of service.

After retiring from Alcoa, Stephen then went to work as a technical advisor for Magnum Engineering of Round Rock, Texas. Here he worked on several projects including overhead crane electrical upgrades, melting furnace electrical upgrades, arc fault surveying and operator controls upgrade for cooling water at a coal fired power plant.

Since 2011, Stephen has worked for BDB Solutions LLC, providing coaching services related to the introduction of Maintenance Reliability Planning, Scheduling and Execution to several companies some of which included a coal wash plant in Canada, a steel mill in Texas and a fire hydrant production facility in Alabama.

Donald Hanel


BDB Solutions, LLC

Donald graduated from C. H. Yoe High School in May 1976. Donald attended Temple Junior College for the Fall Semester in 1976. Donald attended Texas State Technical Institute from March 1977 to December 1978, receiving an Applied Science Degree in Machine Technology.

Donald worked for Celanese Chemical Company from January 1979 to August 1979 as an equipment inspector and technical writer. While working for Celanese Chemical Company, Donald passed the National Association of Corrosion Engineers test and was certified as a corrosion engineer.

In September of 1979 Donald enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering Technology at Texas A&M University in College Station Texas. Donald attended Texas A&M for two semesters, leaving to go to work for Milam Machine Shop in Cameron Texas in May 1980.

Donalds duties for Milam Machine Shop were as a machinist and fabricator including job estimator and inventory control until December of 1986. In January of 1987, Donald became owner/operator of Milam Machine Shop until January 2007 when he sold the business. While owner/operator of Milam Machine Shop Donald performed machining and fabrication for several large companies, including ALCOA, California Pellet Mill and The Young Manufacturing Company.

Donald became manager for ALCOAs machining and fabrication shop at their Rockdale facility in June 2003 through March 2006. Donalds responsibilities included supervision of union machinists and contractor fabricators. During his employment with ALCOA he also planned and scheduled for ALCOAs shop.

In March 2006 Donald took the position of unit supervisor for Luminants power plant in Rockdale Texas. Donald was employed with Luminant until October of 2014. During Donalds employment with Luminant he held several positions. He was the maintenance supervisor responsible for plant mechanics and electricians, he set up the consumable inventory, day to day mechanical planner, planned and forced outage planner/scheduler, construction and project manager for outage work, contract coordinator responsible for contracts and contractors performing work on site.

Donald was a project/construction manager for Power Control Systems Engineering from January 2015 to August 2015. Donald managed construction and projects for power plants during shut downs.

Donald joined BDB Solutions LLC in August 2015 as a coach for Work Management Development, Maintenance Planning and Scheduling education and training, Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), Equipment Maintenance Plan (EMP) Development, and Preventive/Predictive Maintenance (PM/PDM) Optimization.

Edward (Ed) L. Potter, CMRP


BDB Solutions, LLC

Ed is a mechanical engineer that graduated from Virginia Tech in 1978. Ed has over 35 years Alcoa experience in Smelting, Refining, Cast House, and Power Plant Operations. Eds roles include Plant Engineer, Production Engineer, Reliability Engineer, Maintenance Supervisor, Engineering and Maintenance Manager, Regional (US Primary Products) Maintenance Manager, and various other special assignments. Ed is a highly skilled craftsperson and Reliability Engineer with working knowledge with all Reliability Engineering tools.

Ed was instrumental in development of Alcoas Asset Integrity Assessment process. He authored and was chief auditor for 2 of the 6 Asset Integrity Protocols, and completed assessments and improvement plans at 11 of Alcoas 13 worldwide smelters.

Ed was instrumental in development of Alcoas Maintenance Best practice sharing process and co-authored the Best Practice documents for; Maintenance Planning and Scheduling, Lubrication, Kitting and Staging, and several Asset specific Reliability Best Practices.

Ed developed Alcoas Pre-Production Reliability Activity (PPRA) process which focuses on designing Reliability into new capital installations. He implemented this process on the $500M expansions in Alcoa Mosjoen, Norway and the $600M installation of the SO2 scrubber at the Alcoa Warrick Indiana Power Plant.

Ed is a Certified Maintenance Professional (CMRP).

Adrian Sandoval, PE


BDB Solutions, LLC

As a coach with BDB Solutions, Adrian provides broad based services capitalizing on his skills and experience in engineering, quality management, and supply chain management. Adrian joined BDB Solutions following a 32 year career with Alcoa Inc. Adrian started his professional career with Alcoa following his college graduation as a mechanical engineer. He worked as an engineer for over 10 years, in a fully integrated facility that included an aluminum smelter, mine and power plant. At one time this facility was the largest aluminum smelter in North America with an operating capacity of 320,000 metric tons of annual aluminum production. As a Senior Engineer he provided solutions to support production and maintenance departments with projects that ranged in complexity and cost. One noteworthy project he led was the implementation of new casting technology with a capital expenditure close to one million dollars. After engineering, Adrian was promoted to quality supervisor and he spent the next 6 years developing and implementing quality systems internal and external to Alcoa.  Following this period, Adrian was promoted to the commercial side of the business with various positons within the procurement department. He was a Senior Staff Buyer for the Smelter and then promoted to Procurement Manager for the operations. After three years he became Regional Procurement Manager responsible for three Alcoa locations in the US southeast region.  Two years later he became US Procurement Operations Manager responsible for the Procurement Operations of 10 locations throughout the US.  After four years he became a Global Sourcing Manager where he developed and implemented a strategy to manage an indirect material spend portfolio of $150M with $85M focus in North America. After retiring from Alcoa.

Adrian became part time Adjunct Professor for the Austin Community College, teaching courses in lean manufacturing and industrial hydraulics.

Johnny Andrews


BDB Solutions, LLC

Johnny completed high school and a tour of duty in the U. S. Army in September of 1972. On October 2, 1972 Johnny went to work at Alcoa, Inc., Rockdale Operations in Rockdale, Texas. Alcoa Rockdale Operations was an aluminum smelter that made over 2,000,000 pounds of molten aluminum per day.

Johnny worked as an operator in various areas of the Smelter and was also heavily involved in the Union where he served as a Union Officer for over 22 years. While going through the Alcoa Instrument and Electrical apprenticeship training program Johnny also took National Electrical Code classes at the local junior college which assisted him is getting his Texas State wide Master Electrician License. Johnny was owner operator of a commercial/residential electrical contracting company for four years while being employed at Alcoa.

Johnny was promoted to Maintenance Planner Scheduler in the Ingot Casting area in January of 1999. After a year in this position he was promoted to Maintenance Superintendent of the Ingot Casting Department. In the next three years Johnny served as Maintenance Superintendent in several different areas of the Plant.

Johnny held the position of Maintenance Superintendent until the plant was shut down in 2008 due to business conditions. At that time, he retired from Alcoa after more than 35 years of service. Johnny then went to work for Fluor Global services as a Safety Manager, where he managed many construction job sites for Fluor over the past several years. Johnny was Plant Manager at Delta Refractories/Stud Weld for two years and he also worked off shore for ABB on a platform drilling rig for a couple of months performing P&ID walk downs.

Since 2008 Johnny has worked for BDB Solutions LLC, providing coaching services with particular emphasis on Maintenance and Reliability. The coaching services include Work Management Development, Maintenance Planning and Scheduling education and training, Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), Equipment Maintenance Plan (EMP) Development, and Preventive/Predictive Maintenance (PM/PdM) Optimization.

Josh Stoudt


BDB Solutions, LLC

Josh Stoudt is a Certified Reliability Leader (CRL) that grew up in Blue Rapids Kansas where he enjoyed high school sports, hunting, fishing and dirt bike riding.

Josh graduated from Manhattan Area Technical College in 2005 with a degree in heating ventilation and air conditioning maintenance technologies.

Josh started his career with Central Mechanical Construction in 2005 as a service technician. Joshs role as a service technician included commissioning new equipment, troubleshooting, corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance for all industry and facility types. During his stay at Central, Josh completed a 3yr mechanical apprentice program followed by earning his mechanical journeyman license. In 2010, Josh was promoted to superintendent of the service department.

In 2012, Josh joined the Georgia Pacific Gypsum facility in Blue Rapids Kansas as the Reliability Engineer. As the Reliability Engineer, Josh was responsible for the development and execution of asset strategies both on mining and surface equipment. Josh was also responsible for the maintenance department which included 8 mechanics, 2 utilities, 3 electricians and 1 loader operator. During his role as a Reliability Engineer, Josh completed a 10-week Reliability Excellence course hosted by the Georgia Pacific Operations Excellence Group.

In 2014, Georgia Pacific promoted Josh to the Reliability Leader position where he assumed responsibility for maintenance, maintenance planning & scheduling, engineering and projects which included 4 salaried direct reports.

In 2015, Josh joined BDB solutions as a maintenance and reliability coach.

Walter Peschke


BDB Solutions, LLC

Walter acquired a degree for Texas State Technical College with a degree in Mechanical Drafting and Design.

Upon graduation, Walter went to work for Texas Instruments in Houston as a Mechanical Designer. After several years in the Designer Role. Walter decided to change his career, and he started a lengthy career in the Power Generation Business.

Walter spent 37 years in various Maintenance roles in the Industrial Power Generation business; with companies like Texas Utilities, Alcoa, and most recently Luminant.

While in the Maintenance Support Group, his roles ranged from Supervisor, Planner, Scheduler, Planning Supervisor, Maintenance Manager, Outage Manager, and Reliability Supervisor.

Walter has a strong background in providing the knowledge of developing Asset Ownership. i.e. Reliability Excellence REX program with Alcoa, and also the L3 Work Management Process within Luminant.

Walter was also the site Functional Administrator for various CMMS systems over the years, ranging from eAM-Oracle, Empac, and Maximo.

The most recent CMMS project was Luminant’s acquisition of Dynegy in 2018. He was very instrumental in providing support for the testing, conversion, Integration, and migration of all the Dynegy data to the Luminant version of Maximo 7.5. Spent 6 months providing UAT testing, site training, and end user support to Management, Planners, Schedulers, Supervisors, Buyers, Contractors, and all site users. Very strong in CMMS functionality, Support Scheduling and PM Optimization.

With a strong Maintenance and Maintenance Reliability background, considered to be a leader in the Work Management process and development.

As a coach with BDB Solutions, Walter provides the knowledge and leadership to enhance any Company in utilizing its resources, and develope a process in becoming a benchmark facility.